DIVA: The inspiration behind our business

Our Precious Diva’s Life:

diva3Diva was the name of our first pet and she was a healthy, adorable and high energy level Shih Tzu who was very loving to all that came to know her. Diva was born on September 9, 2006, we brought her home at 2 months old and she was a great blessing to my husband and I. When Diva was around 7 months old, my husband and I decided to get Diva spayed to avoid any future health problems that may arise as advised by her Veterinarian. Diva was scheduled for spaying surgery on 9/6/07 at a local Pet Hospital. Diva came home same day after surgery and was acting normal as expected until 9/10/07, which was 5 days after the surgery.

My husband just so happened to come home around 9:30am on September 10, 2007 because he forgot his cell phone and decided to let Diva out of her crate to play for a few minutes. As she was getting out of the crate with the E-collar on, my husband noticed her surgical stitches had come loose and her intestines were hanging out and touching the floor. I happened to be talking on the phone with my husband when this was all taking place. My husband started screaming and crying and I was screaming on the phone as well, as I could hear our poor baby Diva crying and screaming in pain. I told my husband to try to wrap her up in a towel or blanket and take her to the pet hospital where she had her surgery done which was not far. Diva was in so much pain and I’m sure she was so scared that she bit my husband 3 times when he tried to pick her up. The scene at our home was so horrific with trail of blood everywhere downstairs, as Diva tried crawling into corners for safety.

I immediately called and notified the Pet hospital staff of what was happening and the nurse instructed my husband to tie a shoe lace around Diva’s mouth to prevent her from biting him and take her to the hospital as quickly as possible. My husband was able to get her in the car and quickly drove as fast as he could to the pet hospital. Upon arrival, Diva immediately went into emergency surgery. My husband left after the Vet told him the surgery went well and Diva was recovering.

That evening, we picked Diva up and were instructed to take her to an animal emergency center for overnight observation as she wasn’t doing too well. We then took Diva to the emergency hospital and ended up paying a lot of money for a one night observation and treatment. The doctor and nurse were very warm and understanding. The Vet spent time with us and explained Diva’s grave prognosis and what it meant, including other possible complications such as possible infections. The ER Vet also suggested that Diva may not have been stitched up securely enough in the muscle layer in order to support her intestines or it could be that some parts of her intestine that came out is no longer functioning properly or may have been infected which was hard to detect at that time.

We picked her up at 7am the next morning and took her back to the local Pet hospital for an all-day observation with a Vet who identified himself as the hospital’s Medical Chief of staff. My husband and I called to check up on Diva all day from work and got to speak to either the doctor or the nurse on duty.

Diva was reported to be in stable condition; however she refused to eat when they tried to feed her. She looked very sad, anorexic, weak, tired and obviously in pain. She had IVs and Antibiotics treatment during the day, and her labs were drawn to check her blood levels, which was discussed with us.

We brought Diva home that evening (9/11/07), as my husband and I felt that it will be best to spend quality time with her. I stayed up all night with her catering to her every need and at 8am in the morning of September 12, 2007, we took Diva back to the local hospital for observation and gave the staff a detailed report of what happened overnight. That was the last time we saw Diva alive. My husband and I called around 10:30 am that morning to check up on her and spoke with the Vet caring for her, who stated that Diva was stable since we brought her in, however he just noticed that her color was turning purple and they were placing oxygen and other things in place to assist her. I asked him about Diva’s constant panting with her mouth open, and he said that is a sign of increased pain. He sounded worried and we told him we’ll call back later and for him to please do the best he can for her. The Vet called my husband around 11am to inform him that Diva passed away at 10:55 am. My husband didn’t know how or what to say to me since I was three months pregnant with our first child.

I was so devastated and heart broken when he finally told me with my coworkers in my office for support. That afternoon after work, we went to the local hospital to speak with the doctor and to pay our respect to Diva. We requested for Diva to be brought in to us, and it was a very difficult and emotional moment. Even though my husband and I were expecting our first child, we believe that God blessed us with an angel called Diva, who prepared us to love our child and to be more responsible. Needless to say, we were so heavy hearted about the unexpected loss of our best friend. Everyone we know and told about what happened to Diva thought that it was horrific and heart breaking that this happened to our family. The Chief Medical Director apologized for the loss of our pet and all we had to endure the past couple of days physically, emotionally and financially. We tried to console each other during this difficult time in our lives, as we never would have thought in a million years that we would be so attached and so in love with our precious pet and baby Diva. All of our families and friends who came to know Diva fell in love with her and were deeply saddened by everything we had to endure. We will always cherish the happy and fun memories we shared with Diva. She was very smart, happy, definitely spoiled rotten and full of life.

Meeting and getting to know our dog Diva has inspired many of our friends and family members to become pet lovers as well as pet owners. Diva, you were truly a blessing to us and you will always be remembered!!!!!!